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Turbo Tuner ModelST-122 Features and Specifications






  • True Strobe Display

The ST-122 is a true strobe tuner (not virtual, and not a simulation). The easy to read display instantly shows the slightest change in pitch.

  • Chromatic Mode

Tunes any note in the scale from C0 (16.35 Hz) to C8 (4,186.0 Hz).

  • Open Tuning Modes for Stringed Instruments

Use one of the built in open tunings or easily define your own. Comes standard with a host of alternate tunings for guitar and bass, plus bowed instruments.

  • Auto/Manual Modes

Automatic note selection for hands-free operation. Manual override for special uses.

  • Flat / Sharp Tuning

Transpose all notes up to 6 semitones in either direction.

  • Backlit LCD Display

Four different modes of backlight control for versatility and battery savings.

  • Fold Out Stand

ST122 Guitar Tuner   For an easy to read display in any situation.

  • Compact Size

Click to Enlarge Small enough to fit in a violin case.

     Click to Enlarge

  • Input and Output Jacks for Electric Instruments

Click to Enlarge Plug it right inline with your effects chain.

    Click to Enlarge

  • Built In Mic

Tune your acoustic instrument without clip on mics. The True Strobe Display works excellent even in noisy rooms.


Tune your electric by putting the Turbo Tuner right by your amp!

  • Reference Pitch Adjustment

The A4 reference pitch may be set to any frequency between 220.0 Hz and 880.0 Hz in .1 Hz increments. (Default is 440.0 Hz).

  • Frequency Display

The frequency of the note in Hertz can be displayed along with the note name and octave.

  • Power Supply:

Uses standard 9 Volt battery (included) or optional AC adapter (9 Volt DC).

  • Power On Restore

The Turbo Tuner remembers the settings from the last time it was powered down. This can be changed by the user so the tuner can power up in any state desired.

  • Tune In Any Temperament

The ST-122 uses the equal temperament by default, and the user may define up to 14 different 12 note temperaments. The Just and Pythagorean temperaments are already programmed into the unit at the factory.

  • Low Battery Indicator

A message is shown on the LCD when there is about 1 hour of battery life remaining.

  • Extreme Accuracy

The internal time base of each ST-122 Turbo Tuner is calibrated at the factory to +/- 1ppm (that's .0017 cents) and is guaranteed to maintain an accuracy of +/- .02 cents for the life of the product.

  • Automatic Power Off

Extends battery life by automatically shutting down when not in use. This feature may be turned off by the user for continuous operation.








4.75" (12cm) x 2.7" (6.9cm) x 1.4" (3.6cm) HxWxD
175 g / 6.2 oz (including battery)
Equal plus 14 user defined (Just and Pythagorean are pre-programmed into user defined temperament memory)
Tuning Range
C0 (16.35 Hz) to C8 (4,186.0 Hz)
+/- .02 Cents (calibrated crystal oscillator)
Reference Pitch
A4 = 220.0 Hz to 880.0 Hz in .1 Hz increments.
Input, Output (1/4") and external 9 VDC
Power Supply
9 Volt Alkaline Battery(included), or external 9 Volt DC adapter (optional).
Power Consumption
23 mA typ., 50mA with backlight on