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The Turbo Tuner Model ST-122A
A True Strobe Tuner That Fits in Your Guitar Case!

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True Strobe Technology

Guitar Tuner
Bass Tuner
Strobe Tuner
Chromatic Tuner

Turbo Tuner Display

Tune Up Fast

The TurboTuner gets it right the first time - no need to fine tune by ear.



Easy to Read TRUE Strobe Display

The rotating action of the LED strobe display is easy to read from clear across the room.

The True Strobe Display is driven by the analog input signal and shows the actual stroboscopic effect of the input signal and internally generated frequency reference.


Extreme Accuracy

Each ST-122A is calibrated at the factory using NIST traceable laboratory equipment and is guaranteed to hold an accuracy of ±.02 cents for the life of the product.


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Tune Any Instrument in Any Temperament

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Fits In Your Case

 Violin Tuner Classical Guitar Electric Guitar Tuner




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  • A True Strobe Tuner - delivers the speed and accuracy only a true strobe tuner can.
  • No jittery needles - True Strobe Display instantly shows the slightest tuning error.
  • Chromatic and alternate tuning modes of operation.
  • User may define his own alternate tunings.
  • Hands free automatic operation.
  • Compact size - fits in your instrument case.
  • Perfect for setting intonation and solving tuning problems.
  • User may define up to 24 custom temperaments.
  • Flat / Sharp tuning up to 6 semitones.
  • Comes with built in tunings for pedal steel guitar both E9 and C6, for either the Newman or Emmons system.
  • The PSG tunings have all the offsets for the open strings and the pedals and levers, and it shows the string and pedal combination on the display.
  • There is a 1/4-20 screw thread on the back of the tuner so it can be mounted to mic stands and pedal steel guitar legs. Note that there is no mounting hardware included.
  • Temperaments can be adjusted for different roots (any note of the chromatic scale can be the root) and the base reference for the temperament can be set to either A or the root.
  • The tuner comes in a foam lined hard-shell case.