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What is the Turbo Tuner?


ST-122 Chromatic Strobe Autotuner

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   The Turbo Tuner At A Glance

  • A True Strobe Tuner
  • Easy To Read LED Strobe Displa
  • Super bright display, visible in direct sunlight
  • True Bypass
  • Extreme Accuracy
  • Fast note pickup
  • User Defined Open Tunings
  • User Defined Temperaments

The Turbo Tuner is a musical instrument tuner with the precision and features of the best strobe tuners, in a compact size at an affordable price.


A strobe tuner works by comparing the frequency of the note being tuned to a reference frequency. In a mechanical strobe tuner, this reference frequency is generated by a rotating disk with an alternating white and black pattern printed on it. As the disk spins, it is illuminated by a strobe light which is driven by the input signal. Differences in frequency are clearly shown as a rotating pattern in the disk. Even small differences in frequency are quite observable, giving a strobe tuner a distinct advantage over other types of tuners.


Unlike a mechanical strobe tuner, the Turbo Tuner is 100% solid state. There are no moving parts to wear out, and this makes it smaller and less expensive, and gives it a faster response.